by Hollow Tongue

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Godsnakes was the released by Hollow Tongue on 75 handmade CDs with mini fold out. Artwork done by Hollow Tongue -SOLD OUT

Godsnakes was also released on 100 cassette tapes on Headfirst! Records in two colors: transparent orange, and solid white, w/ hand screend j card, patch and button. Artwork done by Hollow Tongue and John Rivera -SOLD OUT

Written during the fall/winter of 2012. Recorded in January of 2013


released March 7, 2013

Recorded, Mixed and Produced with Ryan Bram at Homewrecker Studios
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Engineering



all rights reserved


Hollow Tongue Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hollow Tongue is a dark hardcore/grindcore band from Albuquerque, NM. Fast, loud, and heavy.

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Track Name: Pharisee
Today I woke up I thought about all of conversations and the meaningless actions that consume my day
Actions that consume me
As I made my way in to the shower / when I felt my flesh drip
swamp me in death / lay in my own filth walk my reality
piss me away / I'm as selfish as they're made
Track Name: Cell Respiration
why / did you bring me into such chaos
respirate / energize / how can't you
as oxygen rises / before my eyes
how could you lead me to this disappointment
Track Name: Mind Rot
That night you sat me down / my heart was racing
my hands were aching / my thoughts were pacing
I've never felt like this was home cause I've always been alone
Crush in my hopes / leave me in this hole
I don't mind / sink into my mind
look in the mirror / exhale your mind
when you are here / consumed in time
erase my mind
sitting and waiting / breathing my own death
sucked me blind / drain my mind
When you weren't inside of me
Track Name: American Scheme
Day to Day/ On the run
rejection surrounds the sun
all the sweat dries me up / all the hate fills me up
closed out /talked out
how long will you ignore
fill my flask I can't ask for more
Dependent on a world that never gives
take me out / how long / will you ignore my struggles
fill my / flask I / can't stand this world
Track Name: Loss of Conciousness
fill my dreams / with your iolence
killing commences / false lies from the press
tell us who cares less / killing common sense
Moral mediation / Mental suffocation
fill my dreams / violence
Track Name: Thumbage
If I can't make this clear enough / daddy says that you're so rough
pavement steps / dry and misty
caked on makeup / you're so guilty/
you're so slick and so witty / make your tongue look so gritty
scroll down / refresh and repeat / numb your thumbs
network your soul / you don't need more
Track Name: Distractions
Even If I had you I wouldn't know you
Snap out my spine / Count me in line
My shedding skin / My seeping Pores
I can't fix this mess I'm in /
sew my limbs together / make me bleed better
I can't fix this mess/ waiting to be blessed
Track Name: Control Hole
Buy into the game / tally them up / point after point / our mass is your numbers
Electoral / where are your morals / sign me up / license for what
promises kept / promises wept
can't see me / can't see us
red or blue / who is the fool
lead us / lead on
government action / social reaction
bless the patriotic son
we're not war hungry
we just need more money
we just need
drill into
your sorrows
drill into
Track Name: Turmoil
Retreat your men / bury your children
do you want to die / our blood will seep
can't trust us / bury us deep
Stimulate thy holy land / hoping god will lend a hand
but your god doesn't know who I am/ what is predetermined?
am I walking on a path of virtue / hand in hand / sorrow in the land
Track Name: Fatally Filthy
melt my mind / boil my flesh
take my soul / time to rest
rise again / boiling skin
sag to the floor
eyeballs detach / from my own human skull
my knees collapse / as the weight of my flesh rips
my skin bleeds more / from my fingers it pores
pile of filth / shining with guilt
Track Name: Life Line
fire rips through / the pine
ashes fall / as the forest dries
Smoke rises / from the depths of hell
Devour my lungs
White fog rises from the chambers
Swamped in crystalized walls
open your lungs
set free
enlightened soul / devoured soul
My lungs swell as I cough into oblivion
My mind wanders and I let my fear go
As I waken from sleep / my ego cowers
my mind is set free / lost in this forest
smokey haze of trees
white fog rises from the chamber
smoke pours from the depths of hell
open your lungs